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Stefano Salvemini is native of Bari, a wonderful city located in Puglia on the Mediterranean sea, south east of Italy. The heel of the boot! Bari is the capital city of the Puglia region, on the Adriatic Sea, in Italy. It is the second most important economic centre of mainland Southern Italy after Naples, and is well known as a port and university city, as well as the city of Saint Nicholas.
Bari's cuisine, one of Italy's most traditional and noteworthy, is based on three typical agricultural products found within the surrounding region of Puglia, namely wheat, olive oil and wine. The local cuisine is also enriched by the wide variety of fruit and vegetables produced locally.
Local flour is used in homemade bread and pasta production including, most notably, the famous orecchiette ear-shaped pasta, recchietelle or strascinate, chiancarelle (orecchiette of different sizes) and cavatelli.
Homemade dough is also used for baked calzoni stuffed with onions, anchovies, capers and olives; fried panzerotti with mozzarella, simple focaccia alla barese with tomatoes, little savoury taralli, friselle and sgagliozze, fried slices of polenta all make up the Bari culinary reportoire. Olive oil and garlic are widely in use. Vegetable minestrone, chick peas, broad beans, chickory, celery and fennel are also often served as first courses or side dishes.

Meat dishes and the local Barese ragù often include lamb and pork. Pasta al forno, a baked pasta dish, is very popular in Bari and was historically a Sunday dish, or a dish used at the start of Lent when all the rich ingredients such as eggs and pork had to be used for religious reasons. The recipe commonly consists of penne or similar tubular pasta shapes, a tomato sauce, small beef and pork meatballs and halved hard boiled eggs; but different families have variations. The pasta is then topped with mozzarella or similar cheese and then baked in the oven to make the dish have its trademark crispy texture.

Stefano comes from the “Professional institute Alberghiero” a well known culinary school of Italy. `After his studies he worked in the field for over 25 years in many Hotels and Restaurants all over Italy. Stefano moved to America in 1999 and incorporated Vemini Food Llc. His import food company. His dream was to bring his culture and the best quality of the Authentic italian products to america. Today Vemini Food is trusted by countless retailers, caterers and restaurants serving only the best food in the market, continuing to focus on the Italian food excellence with one mission, offer to their customers only the best genuine Italian Foods.

Besides the broad variety of products that Vemini food imports, They also have their own specialty foods like the typical Apulian Panzerotti, better known to the world as a calzone. The Taralli of Bari called terre di Puglia.This hand made delicacy meets the highest standards in the finger foods appetizers industry for quality, taste and originality.

Today Vemini Food works directly with Food Manufacturer, supporting them with Ocean Freight Shipments, Logistics, Warehousing, Promotions and Sales. Eat Authentic Italian, Eat More Eat Genuine Italian Food!


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